Thursday, March 3, 2016

Broforce - Old school 8-bit fun and gore that surprises

                     'Sup Bro!  Download and play this side scroller with some of your favorite bad ass action heroes from your youth.  Shoot everything.  I do mean everything.  These terrorist scum must pay.  And so should those crates.  An occasional oil drum.  Even the ground or rocks.  Blow everything to Bro Hell.  Start as Rambro and rescue other Bro's and pave a path of destruction over the bad guys terrorizing locations all over the globe.
                      Characters range from the aforementioned Rambro to Brade (Blade) to Bro in Black (Agent J in Men in Black) and even Brochete (Danny Trejos character in Machete).  There's too much fun and gore in this game to pass up.  Especially while it is free in the Playstation Network Store.  The characters all have a primary weapon you can button mash with or a limited secondary weapon that does extensive damage or disorients foes.  You mow down masked terrorists, suicide masked terrorists, really big masked terrorists, even rabid dog terrorists.  Even the surprised sounds of the bad guys when they see your grenade land near them or when you stick one with a dynamite pack is satisfying.  Then if you light one on fire they scream and run hilariously.  Shooting a terrorist as he falls end with a resounding splat on the ground.  Shooting canisters launches them in certain directions and oil drums explode in a fury.  All in all the sound in this simple game is great.  
                     The story?  We don't need no stinking story!  Save your Bro's and bask in the light of your Bro-ness and reign fire and destruction on these dirty terrorists.  You travel from area to area freeing captive Bro's and in return playing as that character and gaining an extra life.  Then you just get to run through the level and blowing up everything until you get to either a devil in a suit at the Extraction Zone or a Boss battle with a few added small characters there to make it a bit more interesting.  Sometimes you can get screwed depending on which character you happen to be playing,  If you get Brodell Walker (Sgt Cordell Walker from Walker, Texas Ranger) as you get to a boss battle you could get kind of stuck with his short ranged shotgun.  Or if you were to have MacBrover (MacGuiver) with his sticky dynamite packs you could face a challenge.  But sometimes you get Bro Dredd (Judge Dredd) and his controllable rockets and curving single shot pistol.  Or you can get Brommando (Commando) and his high fire rate machine gun and his incendiary grenades,  Most of the time if you die, you get pretty well set up with a character to help you in the upcoming battles.  Or I just got really lucky every time, but that seems unlikely.  Broforce has a great playability with a bit of humor and a bunch of characters you'll enjoy playing as.  
                    These characters all have a pro and a con side to their weapons.  You can get Bro in Black and his Cricket hand pistol.  It knocks you back quite a bit so watch out for suicide bombers behind you!  If you land a shot though it will absolutely melt the enemy so its a slight tradeoff.  But he also has the mind eraser as his secondary that causes all foes in close proximity to lose their minds and start attacking each other.  The Brominator (Terminator) has a large gatling gun he carries.  It takes a moment to spool up and start fring but when it does it kicks him back and does massive damage.  Indiana Brones (Indiana Jones) has a whip that has quite a bit of range but takes a bit of "shots" to kill.  And his secondary is a 6 shot revolver that takes down all but the bosses in a single shot.  I invite to to find all of the Bro's and experiment.
                     The Bro's can all be found in captivity.  You shoot the bamboo cage and free the Bro and become that character,  After so many freed captives you find a new Bro.  It takes 8 rescues to find Bro Hard (John McClane from Die Hard), 31 rescues to find Snake Broskin (Snake Plissken from Escape from NY), and 300 rescues to free Double Bro Seven (James Bond).  In all there's about 30 characters for you to free.  
                    Then for a change of pace, if you will, there are covert missions.  These missions are this games version of "Stealth" missions and pop up when you unlock a new area on the globe.  In the cover of night, you can kind of sneak up on your enemy.  Unsuspectingly you throw a grenade in the middle of the pile of enemies and watch them explode.  Then to the next area.  Its not really stealth, but the closest this game could get to it.  These are your special challenges for the game with only one life for the entire mission.  
                   This game has given me plenty of smiles.  I enjoy the ease of normal mode and the frustration of hard.  I enjoyed every part of this game and how to easily solve the maps is almost part of the puzzle.  I enjoyed finding the characters and experimenting with their weapons.  I even love the awesomeness of their Bro names. I give this game 8.5 Brothumbs up! If this game were $19.99 I would suggest a buy.  So if its free while you read this, download it and enjoy a good time. Even if you're taking a break from your main game like I am.  Damn you Destiny.